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[One year on] What's shaping the future of global converged networks?

Monday, 02/20/2017

In October 2015, Coleman Parkes released the results of a survey, sponsored be Genius Networks and Microsoft, that examined the communications challenges of multinational businesses operating
in Europe and the US.

It looked at the critical issues they needed to address in order to improve efficiency, mitigate risk and optimise financial performance, along with the role of technology in helping them move forward.

With the help of technology experts David Blackburn and Frank Bruce, this white paper revisits the key findings of the research, discusses how the landscape has changed over time, and explores some of the technologies that are currently shaping the future of global converged networks

"How we use the technology is the exciting bit – identifying the opportunities and working out the best way to leverage technology, particularly with the integration of robotics and the Internet of Things. It’s all about enablement – people used to talk about the killer app, but they don’t talk about that any more. We’re looking at a killer use case."

Frank Bruce, Solutions Consultant, G3 Comms 

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