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Genius Networks Takes on Network Genius

Wednesday, 10/08/2014

Most Yorkshiremen would have you believe the world starts around Ripon and ends just south of Sheffield. Not so with Neill Bird – global traveler, networking veteran and the latest recruit at Genius Networks. Following a 3 year sabbatical involving travel across 49 countries, Neill fittingly joins the global network integrator with experience going back nearly 30 years.

Neill’s CV reads like a history of the WAN in the UK. Starting as a green 16 year old, Neill began with a 13 year stint on British Rail’s national network, considered the  UK’s first WAN and a pioneer of fibre optics technology. Subsequent moves to Energis, InTechnology and Griffin all bear testament to Neill’s skills in the evolving markets for ATM then MPLS. Along the way, Neill even project-managed the first installation of Cat 6 in the UK.

Today Neill is focused on meeting reseller customers’ demands for more speed and less delay, commenting:

“Fibre networks are getting closer to the customer premises giving more and more businesses access to high speed Ethernet. ‘Fibre to the Premises’ may still be some way off for most of us but, in the meantime, ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ (FTTC) is making a real difference. A big driver is business communications, with the likes of Lync and other cloud-based unified comms demanding more and faster bandwidth.”

“The big issue with voice, though, is managing latency, particularly across global networks. Businesses are expanding internationally and demanding guaranteed service levels. This is where Genius scores and it’s typical of the leading edge solutions that Genius has planned for the coming years.”

“Likewise, 4G and 5G look set to offer a real alternative to fixed line in the future. That said, the growing popularity of the low cost, high capacity FTTC mentioned earlier is prolonging the advantages of fixed line, particularly where SIP based telecoms is concerned."

“As usual, the only thing we know for sure is we can’t be sure exactly what networks will be like more than five years from now.” 

 Neill is an Incorporated Engineer, Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology and acts as Pre-sales Consultant with Genius Networks.

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