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Genius Partner Portal Gives Network Resellers Freedom to Grow

Thursday, 05/29/2014

Network connectivity is a vast and growing market. So often, though, reselling networks means getting bogged down in admin, technical complexity and, above all, a slow response from the network provider.

Recognising these frustrations, we have just released the latest version of our Partner Portal, taking  online services to a new level and giving resellers the freedom and independence to grow their businesses unhindered.


The new release enhances the original Pricing Portal with additional ordering and provisioning capabilities giving resellers complete control over the management of client quotations and deployment deadlines. In addition the Portal now integrates with access to network monitoring, helpdesk troubleshooting and marketing support materials, all in one place.


As James Robert explains: "Our reseller partners now have the tools they need to do business, right at their fingertips. Everything can be own-branded so resellers can present our services as a seamless extension of their own business operations. This is a productivity tool that will help our resellers work faster and better."


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