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Point Cloud Contact Centre solution leverages the power of Genius

Thursday, 08/30/2012

The humble call centre has come a long way. From simply administering incoming customer phone enquiries and making outbound sales calls, to complete responsibility for all forms of customer contact, data collection and distribution, the change to multi-media contact centre has transformed the way customer relationships are managed. Enabled by the latest communications technology, today’s contact centres are equipped to handle all components of the customer experience, integrating calls, instant messaging, emails, interactive websites and social media.

As the importance of customer experience management continues to grow, its sophistication and increasing complexity has created new challenges for contact centre operations. Businesses recognise the competitive advantages but, at the same time, need to drive contact centre efficiency by improving productivity, increasing flexibility and controlling costs. These seemingly conflicting imperatives, combined with advances in technology, have given rise to a new breed of customer engagement solution – the Cloud Contact Centre.

Leading provider of Cloud Contact Centre solutions, tPoint offers their customers an innovative range of feature-rich, on-demand services that are easy to pay for, flexible and available from anywhere. With tPoint, businesses are able to improve contact centre performance, increase revenues and drive down costs by achieving more from existing resources, without the need for a large local technology infrastructure. Using a web-based architecture with full multi-media capabilities, smart call routing, automated workflow and real-time management, tPoint’s pay-as-you go solutions uplift the full customer journey.

tPoint’s solutions mark a step-change in the way businesses are able to manage their contact centres, but like other groundbreaking communication solutions, reliable, high quality connectivity is vital to service delivery. That’s why tPoint chose to work closely with Genius Networks.

“As a Genius Technology Partner, we can fully leverage the power of our solutions,” said Rob Smale, Head of Professional Services at tPoint. “The history of SaaS is littered with stories about innovative technology being hindered by inferior or expensive connectivity options. With Genius, we can offer our customers a revolutionary, robust, yet affordable network solution that greatly enhances our own service offering and optimises the experience for our clients’ customers.

“The ability of Genius to connect SIP directly to a resilient core infrastructure that joins with all the major network carriers means clients can use our services without the need for Internet-based network access and all the associated reliability and security issues. It also allows us to offer a full end-to-end solution with guaranteed Quality of Service and a single service level agreement across the entire core and carrier infrastructure. Genius network services are ideal for cloud-based providers like tPoint and give our clients the confidence to embrace our own innovative technology.

“In addition, the Genius team are great to work with and have the expertise and mindset to continually push the boundaries. The Partner arrangements also work exceptionally well and the online EVO zone provides a perfect environment for Reseller and Technology Partner communities to meet, collaborate and share ideas and business opportunities.”


Genius Networks

Genius Networks offers an innovative range of data, voice and application services that define a new age of connectivity. Delivered by a group of specialist, handpicked partners and powered by the extraordinary capabilities of CRISP, a revolutionary core routing infrastructure, Genius services represent the next generation of converged communications.



tPoint builds and deploys break-through, cloud-based contact solutions that enable businesses to connect more effectively with their customers, prospects and partners. tPoint’s sophisticated solutions help clients know their customers better, service their needs more accurately and drive powerful revenue improvements as a result.

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