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Child prodigy wins IT Europa Award

Thursday, 03/26/2015

In just two years, from a standing start, Genius Networks has come of age. 

Sales, reseller recruitment, employee numbers and services have all expanded at a rate not seen in the channel over recent years. Predictably, the awards have started to roll in too.

Last night it was the IT Europa award judges who decided that the young upstart was the worthy winner of Service Provider of the Year, in preference to other far bigger and longer-established competitors.

So why the stellar growth from a business so young? For sure, the Genius team has decades of experience. But it’s more than that. Ask Genius customers and they’ll tell you the big difference is ‘intelligence’, a much over-used descriptor in these days of ‘intelligent systems’, but with Genius the hat fits. 

It’s an interesting fact that intelligence is a scarce resource these days. Apparently we’re all getting thicker. At least that’s the findings of the New Scientist, confirming that we’re all developing our mental capabilities closer to full potential but that’s masking the fact that our full potential is declining.

A long-term survey of Norwegian army conscripts shows that, for the first time in 50 years, IQ levels are declining. More controversially, it also appears that the average volume of the European female brain has reduced by about 15% since the last ice age – clearly research undertaken by a bloke.

Either way, Genius has taken an intelligent approach that is now paying dividends – and it’s called CRISP (Core Routing Infrastructure Services Provisioning). The routing and provisioning platform was developed by Genius over a three year period, longer than Genius has been trading.

The result is a reseller service where pricing, provisioning and deployment come together in the simplest way possible, saving time and money for resellers on an unprecedented scale – and that’s just what the channel wants. 

Unlike other so-called network aggregators, Genius has designed a platform that deals with demand from the ‘cloud generation’, where quality of service for both voice and data is a crucial part of the surging demand for global networks.

For once, original thinking and innovation have succeeded in overcoming hype and superficial marketing froth to deliver something meaningful to the reseller’s P&L statement.

Thanks IT Europa. See you next year.

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