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5G to break away from traditional routes to market

Thursday, 08/11/2016

5G continues to be a trending subject as expectations grow higher every day. On our previous blog ‘5G to save the world’ the World Bank forecast that a 10 percent increase in high-speed Internet connections will deliver global economic growth of 1.3 percent.

From the dizzy heights of such expectations, more down to earth thought is being given to 5G’s purpose - exactly how will it deliver and where will it score most. With a 5G standardization timeline set and proofs of concept in progress, many mobile operators and vendors are still questioning where 5G will be deployed in future.

The recent ‘5G World Event’, a thought leadership conference attended by the who’s who of the network industry, raised the consistent message that 5G will demand a new route market rather than through the traditional network operator channel.


The original vision of 5G has been an all-embracing network that can accommodate any use case in any industry. Now, opinion appears to favour 5G as a solution which connects things as much as people and specific industrial use cases.


Both end-user businesses and network operators are focusing on specific use cases among vertical markets and their bespoke requirements for user-driven functionality such as quality of service, security and latency. 


It appears that the mobile operator will no longer be at the centre of service delivery and runs the risk that users will develop their own private mobile networks to meet their needs.


To this end, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is collaborating with vertical industries so that standards can be specified that actually meet their needs. The Institute reports having input from the rail and automotive sectors but not from others such as aeronautical, healthcare and agriculture.


That said, it is likely that mobile operators will be the primary channel, given that they own the spectrum and wide-area infrastructure. However, they may have to work with a specialist industry integrator or compete with firms in verticals setting up their own private networks.


Find out more about 5G World Event 2017 

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