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Did you know that today is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD)?

Monday, 05/16/2016

No? Neither did we. And yet it’s clearly an important occasion from an organisation with world-class credentials and a remit to do good, in an industry normally focused on doing profit. So worth giving a few minutes to consider.

ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies committed to connecting all the world's people and protecting everyone's fundamental right to communicate. 

ITU membership reads like a Who's Who of the ICT sector incorporating 193 Member States, ICT regulators, many leading academic institutions and some 700 tech companies. In an increasingly interconnected world, ITU is the single global organization embracing all players in this life-changing sector.

The 17th May marks the anniversary of the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention 1965 and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union 1969 and the purpose of WTISD is to help raise awareness what the Internet and other information and communication technologies can bring to societies and economies.

This year, the day focusses on the theme: “ICT entrepreneurship for social impact”, apparently in accordance with Resolution 68.

So put a note in your calendar for 17.05.17 and let’s make more of this unsung celebration of what we all should be working for.

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