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Have you had a call yet from Mark Zuckerberg?

Sunday, 05/15/2016

According to a report from The Economic Times, Mark Zuckerberg will be collaborating with “hundreds” of local phone companies to implement new open-source network technology due for testing at the end of this year.

Whilst controlling the lives of half the world’s population Mark Zuckerberg now wants the rest. To do that, he needs to find a way to make Internet access networks affordable to prospective Facebook users in developing countries.

Networks based on open-source technology appears to be the answer.

At the Facebook developers conference, Jay Parikh, Facebook's vice president for engineering said, "Our rule is 10 times faster or 10 times cheaper or both.”

But what about 10 times the quality, because that’s going to be the issue. Facebook’s focus is on urban/long range wireless networks that can send a gigabit of data a second, that’s about 10 times the rate of today's high performance networks and enough for virtual reality.

As any reasonably-informed network engineer will tell you, bandwidth is not the sole determinant of speed and there are plenty of challenges from latency to packet loss that can screw up an international call.

But don’t worry, Mr. Z. You’ve got our number!

The quality of converged network performance and voice communications is central to Genius Networks approach to global connectivity. Intelligent SIP is a new and important development that makes management and control of SIP a reality.

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