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Service delivery research finds networks carriers must try harder

Wednesday, 05/11/2016

Since we founded Genius, one of the key pillars of our services has always been to do what the big carriers find difficult – customized global networks. Businesses, service providers and developers of communications systems need networks that fit their requirements, costs and timescales. The big, slower-moving, multi-national network providers are neither organized nor equipped to deliver this level of service and, over recent years, have received growing criticism.

Are we being too harsh? For sure the carriers excel in deploying and managing global backbone infrastructure but at the micro-level of the individual, smaller customer, that skillset doesn’t apply. A specific example of this is exposed in a survey of the big Telco’s and how they manage their web interface to provide customer services. The conclusions of the researcher speak for themselves:

The research from Now Interact which covers 54 leading telecoms companies across the US and Europe has found that, the majority of the Telco’s are still using the “one size fits all strategy” despite their customers demanding a personalized service online.

“Digital transformation is at the top for telecoms industry, but the reality is that they say the right buzzwords but aren't in fact transforming their outward service offering to customers. Satisfaction with Telco’s is consistently low. Ignoring this essential area, primed for change, is standing in the way of the success of any digital transformation project” says, CEO and founder of Now Interact.

So what has a few buttons on a customer web site got to do with delivering bespoke services? Everything. Even a relatively simple part of the customer experience like this points to a systemic fault in corporate culture and a tip of a much bigger iceberg. Similar evidence is the recent move by OfCom to get BT’s backside into gear. Let’s hope the power of consumer demand will push providers to get their services into shape, as it so often does.

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