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Latency blocking the use of cloud for storage services

Sunday, 04/03/2016

For three years, Genius has pioneered network latency management with a simple and low-cost approach. So it was interesting to come across a recent report* suggesting that cloud, and the huge benefits it brings to business, may be hitting a barrier called latency.

Businesses now expect rapid access and transfer of data, whatever and whenever they need it. Yet storage pros still have to resolve the latency issues that occur when they move large amounts of data to the cloud, especially when unpredictable Internet performance is present - a factor which is always prevalent in an enterprise world consisting of geographically distributed islands of compute.

The article goes on to explain:

Latency is an old conversation when it comes to IT infrastructure. It’s not uncommon for storage pros to feel bombarded with questions about how latency affects their storage systems’ performance. However, performance and latency are not one and the same. And in many cases, it’s network latency, not storage infrastructure latency, creating the hurdle most IT teams are unequipped to jump.

The cloud is disrupting the way businesses consume IT. Global public cloud market is increasing daily and as a result, network latency creates delays for data as it moves to the cloud. As new reference architectures and solutions enter the market, the cloud is becoming a secure, flexible and affordable option for every data set, and many companies are already feeling network latency pains sparked by public cloud use.”

The latency management that Genius provides through its integration of best-of-breed carriers, plus a global network of regional hubs, allows control of latency within service levels and timely delivery of cloud services.

* Lazarus Vekiarides, CTO of ClearSky Data, published by “The Next Platform”

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