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Unified Communications Growing Demand Matched by Declining Sales Value

Tuesday, 03/22/2016

A research report by IHS Technology identifies that North America notched up 6% growth in PBX sales for the year 2015, while the rest of the world recorded an 11% fall.

Furthermore, the global market for unified communications (UC) is expected to drop by 5% to $7.4bn for the full year. Though volume demand for UC has been strong over the past 2 years, the revenue has experienced a fall of 2%.

The decline in UC can be attributable to reduced prices as more and more UC functionally is incorporated into the PBX packages as standard rather than additional cost. The move of UC to the cloud and the general competitive environment are also forcing prices down. 

At Genius, we see these trends in the market place. The integration of networking into the communication system is often regarded as part of the system investment. By making integration simpler and less costly, we are, effectively, contributing to the reduction of price.

Cloud services, whether communications applications or fully hosted PBX capability is also a strong driver of lower prices and this is another area where customers are seeking our help. Long may it continue.

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