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IoT moves towards CoT

Tuesday, 03/22/2016

According to an article from Tech Expo World Series, the Internet of Things is opening up a wide range of new opportunities for businesses. However, organizations must ensure they are equipped with the right technology to put the theory into practice. 

To make the potential of IoT a reality, it’s critical that devices are backed up with high quality connectivity. A connected device is only ever as good as the connection that serves it, and with the number of ‘things’ growing all the time, many organizations are finding it to be their Achilles heel.

As hundreds or even thousands of devices relay information across the company network, bandwidth consumption shoots up and networks begin to slow. When that happens, applications and server functionality drops off, leaving employees in limbo as services struggle to cope with the demand. 

Employees working remotely will face issues having to log back into applications after a connection is lost, losing unsaved work when disconnected from the company server.

IoT promises to connect the world, but at present the network landscape continues to present obstacles to fast, smooth connections.

At Genius Networks, two of our strongest capabilities are the control of latency and network availability- key factors that govern the performance of IoT. Combined, these features deliver the responsiveness of connectivity demanded by critical IoT solutions, particularly during the peaks of high activity that are a characteristic of IoT usage. The Internet of Things, based on best- effort internet services, is rapidly becoming the Connectivity of Things (CoT) where dedicated networks with controlled quality of services are paramount.

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