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Network Latency, a threat to Robotics?

Thursday, 03/10/2016

Roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro has discovered that network latency can be a hindrance to the makers of humanoid robots and androids. Ishiguro says, network latency is too high for cloud-brained androids to interact with people at anything like the speed humans do when they talk to each other.

Accessing a cloud computer takes too long. The half-second time delay is too noticeable to a human - people answer much quicker than that.

Even a relatively simple voice recognition or translation app that accesses the cloud experiences a delay. So asking a robot a question, having it interrogate a cloud service for an answer, sending it back, and having the android vocalize it leads to an unacceptable reaction time.

Robot Hiroshi Ishiguro (left) Hiroshi Ishiguro (right). Geminoid™ HI-2 was developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories, Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR).

Genius offers a unique approach to latency management across global networks, an issue important to developers of communications systems and cloud services that operate in real time. Mr Ishiguro – get in touch!

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