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The Future of ISDN – Is the 2025 BT switch off too early?

Thursday, 05/21/2015

Here at Genius Networks we were intrigued by BT’s statement during their latest results announcement that they intended to migrate all their ISDN customers to the IP network by 2025.  We asked James Jeffs, Director at Genius Networks, what he thought.

“BT’s timeline is very feasible but migrating all their customers will be a challenge.


Some locations are just too remote to consider installing fibre, so ISDN will still be used in these instances.


Something else to factor in is the cost of an upgrade – many companies will continue to use ISDN if it works, and won’t consider upgrading unless they really have to.


The other major issue is reliability – can companies realistically rely on 100% uptime for SIP, compared with ISDN, and what would be their back-up solution?”

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