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Are You a Contact Centre Genius? How did you score?

Monday, 09/08/2014

So the suspense is over. Check your score to see if you’re a beginner or a black belt:

What is the net gain in revenue achieved by the cloud contact centre? (10 marks)

Answer: £1,020,000 


How does the cloud contact centre achieve this? (10 marks)

Answer: The cloud-based system has lots of advantages but the big one is automatic resource provisioning. Traditional on-premise systems generally handle a limited number of calls per hour. This number is set to cater for the expected maximum traffic load plus extra for contingency. This means that in the short term system is always underutilized and costly.

In the longer term, or during marketing campaigns, the limit is reached, queues grow and calls are abandoned. An upgrade is performed and the system goes back to costly excess capacity. Consequently, the system is always either inefficient or losing business.

When you use a cloud-based solution, capacity can be increased or decreased on demand. As queues grow, additional lines are made available, with interactive voice response if required.  As queues shorten, lines are surrendered back. There is always a small gap between the capacity and demand, so queues are short and fewer customers leave. 


Companies that don't use cloud contact centres are just dumb. Discuss. (70 marks)

Answer: No. Many businesses see the benefit of Cloud Contact Centres but are let down by the quality of the network connection from the cloud provider. Where global businesses are concerned, the issue is worsened by network latency and poor quality voice. Genius Networks overcomes these issues with a unique approach to latency management and controlled quality of services across the best carriers in the business.


How long before the IT Manager gets promotion? (5 marks)

Answer: He doesn't. Like many colleagues he follows the career path of least resistance, moving to a better job with an extra zero on his salary, and repeats the same project again.


What car does the Call Centre manager buy with her bonus? (5 marks)

Answer: She doesn't. Realising the huge demand for Cloud Contact Centres, the IT Manager poaches her and sets up his own consultancy.

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