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Be a Contact Centre Genius - Take the test & impress your friends

Sunday, 08/31/2014


·       Calculators may not be used

·       Read each question carefully before answering

·       Check your answers if you have time at the end

·       Don't let your boss see you doing this

A contact centre of 50 workers receiving about 50,000 calls per year uses a traditional premise based system and loses 6.2% of calls. They change to a cloud-based call centre and, typically, lose only 4.5%. If 12% of the difference represents rescued orders or customers, each worth revenues of £10k, then:

(i) What is the net gain in revenue achieved by the cloud contact centre? (10 marks)

(ii) How does the cloud contact centre achieve this? (10 marks)

(iii) Companies that don't use cloud contact centres are just dumb. Discuss. (70 marks)

(iv) How long before the IT Manager gets promotion? (5 marks)

(v) What car does the Call Centre manager buy with her bonus? (5 marks)


Answers to: @GeniusNetworksUK Results announced here on 28th Aug

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