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Why is a network provider sponsoring a hardware award?

Tuesday, 05/20/2014

Simple. Because we spent shed loads on the stuff for our core network infrastructure.

Two years ago we were shopping around for the top equipment to run our routing infrastructure – we call it CRISP –Core Routing Infrastructure Services Provisioning to be precise. It’s a ground-breaking system that connects best-of-breed global carriers. It helps deploy multi-carrier solutions in a fraction of the normal time, at a fraction of the cost.

We learnt a lot about hardware – there’s a lot of excellent equipment out there. But, frankly, for us it was the customer service that counted most and this is what really differentiated the brands. From our experience, customer requirements in IT generally are getting more bespoke and this is where support and service really score for a vendor.

If our sponsorship at the Comms Business Awards helps to encourage vendors to examine how they manage the customer experience, even in a very small way, then I’d like to think we’re doing something good for the industry.

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