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To Brand or not to Brand - do you want your label 'white'?

Tuesday, 03/25/2014

You probably know, we deal only with the channel, that's Resellers or, as we like to think, Partners. We want to work closely because that makes for the best solutions. Equally, know we have to fit within a role and relationship you need to win customers. For some of you, we're a seamless extension of your business but we also know some of you like your personal space. 

So, when it comes to own-branding of our 'white label' services, where do you stand? Totally own-branded, totally Genius-branded or the 'Powered by Genius' compromise?


The principle is as old as the Ford Cosworth and as modern as the AMG badge on the back of a Merc. Over the years, many vendors have welcomed the 'Intel Inside' sticker whilst, to the contrary, the likes of Skoda have kept quiet about 'VW inside'. Marketing types will tell you it's all about adding brand value. But is it? 


The ultimate capitalisation of brand value is the 'franchise' where consistency of service is king. But I know I love my KFC in Belsize Park and I hate the one in the Strand. I still like KFC, so does that mean brand inconsistency is acceptable? After all, take a look at any mountain bike - from the Shimano gears to the Halo wheels, there's more labels than paintwork.


Clearly, branding is an issue specific to your business with no fixed rules, so that's how we’re dealing with the launch of our new online services and Partner Portal - yours to brand and use how you want to. Do your clients need to see your brand on it? Will our brand give them a good feeling? Either way, do they give a toss? The choice is yours - let us know. 


The only thing for sure is these services will help you win business and operate more efficiently. See it here.

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