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Genius Goes Through to Next Round of The Voice

Monday, 03/17/2014

Over the decades, voice communications have reinvented themselves out of all recognition - analogue, digital, VoIP and most recently converged, combining with video and data to power the latest in unified communications (UC).

UC is revolutionising business with ultra-smart solutions for conferencing, contact centres and integration of fixed and mobile devices. The trouble is, networks and network providers haven't kept up with the pace of change. True convergence demands real network engineering expertise, and few service providers make the cut.


At Genius, we came to market in 2012 so, unlike other service providers, convergence is second-nature to us. Our infrastructure and core network is built on the best MPLS and SIP connectivity in the business, backed up with direct connect to the world's best of breed carriers.


With this capability, we're now helping those hundreds of voice services providers that just don't have the resources to capitalise on this latest round of voice implementation. Take Leeds-based Abzorb for example. One of the best players in the fixed and mobile voice arena with award-winning customer services. The missing bit in their servcie portfolio is connectivity and that's where we can fill a gap. Our recently formed partnership unlocks the door for customers that want the latest communications solutions but haven't had the networks to deliver them.


See both partners in action at this week's roadshows:



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