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Happy Birthday Ethernet

Monday, 03/03/2014

Innovation in IT has never moved so quickly. Cutting edge solutions come and go and there are few products that can retain a 10 year life cycle. Take the iPhone for example. It feels like it has been around forever but actually started life only seven years ago. 

Of course there are exceptions like Windows that is still developing itself and yet was launched some 30 years ago. But there's one invention that is everywhere in modern life and after 40 years is still pushing the boundaries of technological performance, and that's Ethernet. 


Recent estimates put Ethernet usage at more than 85 percent in all networks worldwide, and at more than 95 percent for all local networks, a remarkable impact on the world from a solution that owes its success to simplicity and low cost. Bandwidth has grown by orders of magnitude to the point where Gigabit Ethernet is now standard issue for new computers.


40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet hardware is already available and the current push is for 400 Gigabit per second Ethernet is already the subject of an IEEE standards effort. Teams of researchers are also working to create the first Terabit Ethernet and the life cycle for Ethernet is anticipated to be at least another 20 years.


On the wide area network, Ethernet over both copper and fibre continues to provide a simple, reliable and ubiquitous solution for Internet connectivity and converged voice and data delivery. Our resellers rely on its ease of implementation and its low cost of ownership makes it a profitable option too. 


So next time you plug your RJ45 into the back of your laptop, spare a thought for the network protocol that we all take for granted but also plays a huge role in our everyday life. Happy 40th birthday Ethernet.

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