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IT Managers Want Multi-national Voice Networks - It's Official

Thursday, 02/27/2014

Ask any Genius reseller and they'll tell you (hopefully!) that  two of our biggest strengths involve delivery of voice and provision of networks into Europe and beyond. So it was interesting this week to see the findings of a survey from Computer Weekly, one of the more respected sources out there, that investigated planned projects of IT managers across Europe in 2014.

Asked the question, "Which of these networking initiatives will your company implement in 2014?" the answer from both UK and European managers was firmly focused one thing - voice. For UK managers, Unified Communications and Collaboration systems came first and second respectively amongst the ten networking projects identified and the two same projects ranked second and third across Europe as a whole.


The important bit here is that these systems are regarded as projects defined as 'networking', not hardware deployment. Sadly the survey doesn't explain why, but this result matches closely with what our sales team hears on the street and the reason can be summed up in one word - cloud. Here's why.


Across the world, businesses are considering migrating their office-based voice systems into private or hybrid cloud environments where they can enjoy the latest functionality and save costs. Alternatively, they're finally considering a dedicated hosted service from pay per seat vendors that have been patiently waiting for the market to respond over the past ten years. On top of that, the more progressive organisations are taking forward their early-adopted messaging features of Microsoft Lync to include its enterprise voice capability.


Cloud is now dominating the world of voice, and networking issues are dominating the world of Cloud. There are too many stories about Lync, hosted and PBX migration project that have met with difficulties, resulting from network issues, not the technology, particularly across overseas networks.


Voice can be notoriously temperamental when converged with the video, data and messaging of modern unified comms. Paradoxically, it's also top of the business-critical league. That's why we've invested in the infrastructure and skills to specialise in voice network deployment. Our carriers, our SIP quality, our QoS control and our latency management make voice from the cloud a reality, not a headache, and that means our resellers have an open door to the huge market growth highlighted in the survey. 



See the survey here http://bit.ly/1hyM1Zf

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