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Europe the 'Connected Continent' - Another Step Closer

Sunday, 02/16/2014

Europe still lacks headlines about growth and recovery, particularly in the IT service industry where the USA continues to gloat from across the pond. So it was interesting to learn of the conference '5g@europe' in Berlin this week.

Whilst the event seemed to be in aid of Huawei PR, the content and message from the EU representatives sounded positive.  With 7 million ICT employees in Europe, there's real potential for 5g bringing commercial advantage and kicking off demand for Europe as a global IT centre.

At a time when initiatives are also driving data centres into Europe, talk of a 'connected continent' and European ICT expertise is good to hear, particularly here at Genius where our European network services are experiencing unprecedented demand from our reseller community.

Backed with a 700 million Euro project starting in 2015, impact of 5g may not be felt for another five years. Of course connectivity will be dominated by cable and fibre in the foreseeable future but at Genius we've already been involved with 3g and 4g deployments - typically involving remote locations and business continuity solutions.

So, with our European presence, this interests us. 5g may be a 5 year vision but, in 2008, so was the development of our CRISP platform which has become the talk of network resellers throughout the UK and Europe. Time flies.

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