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Why Your Business Should Celebrate New Year Every Month

Monday, 02/03/2014

So we're approaching Feb. You've detoxed, broken all your resolutions and still can't remember getting home on New Year's Eve. So why should you and your business be interested in 1st Feb, or the 1st of any other month?

The fact is, it will mark the beginning of a new fiscal year for some companies somewhere in the world and that means a business opportunity. 

Sales people have always been aware that the months preceding the April 5th fiscal year is when the Public Sector is planning next year's spend and unloading any surplus from last year. The same can be said for the Private Sector in the Autumn months leading up to the calendar year. 

But did you know it goes a lot further than that. Take a look at the variation in fiscal years around the world. Then consider that many companies shift their trading year, often to make their results look better. 

As business goes more global and acquisitions/mergers abound, responding to the opportunities that come with the new trading year needs agility on a global scale, starting with good global networks, like ours. 

Happy February!

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