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Network Resellers: How many balls can you juggle?

Wednesday, 11/06/2013

By James Arnold-Roberts, Director, Genius Networks
Reselling network services has got to be one of the most challenging occupations, at least from an administrative point of view. I speak to our resellers regularly and without exception they all comment on how they're constantly juggling dozens of jobs at any one time. It's a trait of resellers in any market but when it comes to network services there seems to be an exceptionally large number of balls in the air, all with ‘business critical’ written on them. Drop one of these and it could mean a lost client, a law suit, a bad debt, a network failure, or worse. 

At Genius, we've taken steps to help resellers in this perilous situation with a whole bunch of tools and automated processes to make life easier. Typical is our Reseller Pricing Portal, one of the many tools we offer resellers, giving them a self-service facility to locate, price and buy the best connections for their clients. 

When we started putting these services together, we researched a list of the top 20 critical tasks a network reseller addresses in a typical day. And here it is:

20 Ways to Fill Your Day, Providing Networks Services
  • Resolving network deployment issues.
  • Resolution of helpdesk/support queries
  • Network monitoring
  • Network performance/bandwidth management
  • Network security management
  • Management of data centre/colocation services
  • Carrier relationship management and negotiating
  • Price comparison and network connectivity procurement
  • Creating customer quotations and follow-up
  • Maintaining web site and marketing collateral
  • Outbound marketing and new business prospecting
  • Credit control and debt chasing
  • Customer relationships and loyalty building
  • Researching new products and dealing with suppliers
  • Selling and sales order management
  • Managing SLAs
  • Maintaining in-house IT
  • Attending industry events
  • Employing and training
  • Maintaining supplier accreditations

Do you reckon we've missed something? We’re always keen to hear from the sharp-end about what resellers need to help make a profit.
Check out some juggling HERE - Genius-style!

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