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Network Quality of Service – we’re in it together

Wednesday, 02/06/2013

In today’s increasingly connected world, business customers need fast, reliable access to the most sophisticated voice and data networks. From core infrastructure backbone to desktop and mobile communication devices, service providers, technology vendors and network carriers face the challenges of introducing new and innovative solutions that streamline business systems and provide a seamless, guaranteed quality of service – as well as cutting administration time and reducing operational costs.   

The ability to deliver on all these levels is dependent on many different factors but perhaps most important is the close collaboration between every party involved in the network supply-chain; collaboration that allows deep understanding of each others’ capabilities, technologies and future goals. It’s this knowledge and a shared forward- thinking culture that opens up opportunities to innovate and enables great things to happen. 

These are the principles that underpin Genius and enable an uninterrupted, end-to-end global network solution with guaranteed QoS and a single service level agreement across the entire core and carrier infrastructure. Genius brings everything and everyone together, working closely with all the major network carriers including Colt, Exponential-e, TalkTalk Business, Level 3 Communications, China Unicom, Telia, Virgin Media Business and Interoute to deliver the most cost efficient, fully integrated UK, European and global solutions. 

“We are very pleased to be  involved in the Genius community,” said Lizz Flint, Head of Partner Programs EMEA at Level 3 Communications. “Level 3 has an extensive global network, and working with Genius enables businesses to transform the way they connect with colleagues and engage with their customers, wherever they are. It also creates new and exciting opportunities for enterprises to fully exploit the benefits of the latest network-delivered communications technology.”

In addition to being a major step-change in service provision for business clients, Genius creates a network environment where carrier partners can optimise their own services and technologies. Carriers have confidence in the integrity and advanced capabilities of Genius’s groundbreaking core infrastructure and recognise that the most powerful benefits accrue through the tight integration of services to create a single solution. The intelligent way in which the infrastructure has been provisioned opens up opportunities for partners to leverage their own technology and contribute to a secure, best-of-breed network solution capable of infinite possibilities.

“We are driven towards delivering best-in-class customer experience to our direct and indirect customers across Europe.” said Toby Jones, Channel Specialist at Colt. “We are delighted to be involved in supplying Colt services to Genius Resellers”.

The complementary capabilities of each carrier partner in the Genius mix means that individual operators are able optimise their own core strengths and infrastructure investment to enhance the entire Genius customer experience – in the UK, in Europe and around the world. For the first time, the combined power of the most dynamic and progressive network providers is at the fingertips of business customers everywhere, brought together by Genius in one seamless service for it’s Resellers. 

Steve Dormer, Partner Account Manager at TalkTalk Business believes that the Genius model and proposition sets a refreshing new benchmark for industry collaboration. “In the past, there have been varying degrees of collaboration across some parts of the communication technology supply chain – but the principles that drive Genius are changing the rules of engagement,” he said. 

“Genius provides a core platform that allows everyone to benefit – from individual carriers, to technology partners. It actively encourages close collaboration, allowing each network operator to capitalise on their own infrastructure assets – including TalkTalk’s own £600 million investment in our Next Generation UK network. At the same time, we know that the most significant advantage of being a partner is in the sum of Genius’s parts. It’s the nature of the end-to-end solution that creates exponential value – and most importantly, that’s what matters most to business customers.”  

These sentiments are echoed by Duncan Wilkinson, Head of Carrier, Virgin Media Business, who added: “Quality is key to any successful network solution – the quality of your partners, the quality of the routing infrastructure and the quality of service the provider is able to offer, end-to-end. Too often, new networks promise the world but fail to deliver, leaving customers struggling with complex multi-provider solutions and service level agreements that don’t support business requirements.

“With Genius, we’ve seen a different approach that puts quality and innovation side by side at the top of the network design agenda. As a business and provider of the UK’s largest nationwide fibre optic network, Virgin Media Business shares similar values. We’re excited at the prospect of helping deliver the kind of network quality that helps businesses everywhere to achieve their goals and aspirations underpinned by technology that enables rather than constrains.”

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