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A new kind of convergence is now driving converged communications

Wednesday, 11/07/2012

Converged communications are now the enterprise norm. The business benefits delivered by IP telephony, unified communications, mobility and collaboration tools are all well documented and there are numerous case studies and testimonials that demonstrate the advantages of a simplified infrastructure that’s easier to manage, improves productivity, offers greater operational flexibility and costs less to run. 

But the story doesn’t end there. Converged communications continue to evolve, with technology vendors, network service providers and network carriers working to accelerate the pace of innovation. New solutions create a continually expanding range of opportunities for the control, distribution and management of network traffic designed to join-up an entire organisation, regardless of where users are located.

However, for businesses to extract maximum value from communications innovation, it’s become increasingly apparent that the thinking behind creating these new converged solutions needs to be joined-up too. For example, what’s the point in pioneering a new service if the latest communication devices are not equipped with the technology to use it? Or developing a state-of-the-art hosted solution that can’t be delivered properly because the network capabilities don’t exist?

When new converged technologies or services are developed in isolation by vendors and providers who may have conflicting interests or individual commercial agendas, the results impact on enterprise customers. How can they gain competitive advantage or cut costs when they’re grappling with unnecessarily complex IT infrastructures that don’t deliver on business promises?

These days, the most successful developments in converged communications come from a new era of converged thinking and real collaboration. It’s an approach that’s led by progressive companies like Genius! Networks who have recognised that best-of-breed solutions require more than just smart technology or ground-breaking connectivity. All the component parts of a good solution need to work in total harmony – and that means all contributors across the supply chain working in close partnership to achieve common goals.

On this basis, by collaborating with industry leaders like Huawei and all the major network carriers around the world, Genius has created a revolutionary network infrastructure that offers an uninterrupted, end-to-end global solutions with guaranteed Quality of Service and a single SLA across the entire core and carrier infrastructure. Genius gives businesses a genuine advantage by opening up opportunities for the delivery of a new breed of integrated comms, all provided from a single source and enabled by close collaboration.

In conjunction with other industry pioneers, Genius has also developed its own range of hosted and cloud-based solutions whose performance is powered by direct connection to the network infrastructure. From Virtual Data Centre and Hosted IP Telephony to Cloud Contact Centre and Conferencing & Collaboration, Genius brings everything together to drive today’s converged communications.

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