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Hosted unified comms – is it time your clients made the switch?

Wednesday, 11/07/2012

In a remarkably short space of time, enterprise communications have evolved at a staggering pace to become the critical driver for core business processes and a key differentiator in the race for competitive advantage. Businesses that are structured and equipped to take advantage of rapid advances in technology and connectivity are now benefiting from lower operating costs and massive gains in productivity.

The development of sophisticated unified communications (UC) solutions where integrated voice, data, and video services are delivered with a consistent user experience to multiple devices in multiple locations, has been a fundamental part of enterprise empowerment. UC has allowed staff to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, suppliers and customers wherever they are, using familiar desktop interfaces and applications. It’s helped make businesses smarter, leaner, more agile and better able to adapt in an unpredictable economic environment.

But as the pace of change continues at an unprecedented rate, how will your business clients stay ahead? How will their IT departments capitalise on emerging technologies or cope with sprawling infrastructures, the move towards BYOD and the complexities of integrating legacy technology? How will they control costs, stay flexible and manage the IT requirements of business growth or downsizing? In a constantly changing commercial environment, how will they maintain focus on strategic priorities and exploit new opportunities at the same time as mitigating business risk?

Meeting these challenges means looking at new, reliable and cost efficient ways of deploying communications technology. For many businesses, hosted UC - including voice, presence and collaboration services - for all or just some parts of the organisation is providing an ideal alternative to managing and maintaining an onsite infrastructure by simplifying communications management, reducing capital costs and offering unparalleled flexibility.

Network and converged communication specialists like Genius! offer service providers an innovative range of hosted UC solutions that support end-to-end delivery with any-to-any connectivity and application integration across complex, hybrid infrastructures. With no capex requirement, rapid implementation and ongoing management and maintenance support, all services are securely delivered over dedicated data circuits without the need for BT lines so your customers simply pay for the services they use, as they need them – and they’ll always be up-to-date with the latest UC technology.

Equally as important, switching to a hosted solution also allows your clients the time to focus on ensuring that the benefits of UC are realised across the business, providing the opportunity to streamline processes, improve customer service capabilities, and ensure everyone is equipped with the productivity tools they need to achieve enterprise goals.

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